Find out more about how we repair and care for your most beloved bags

Replacement Zips

A broken zip can render a bag useless, but it doesn’t have to.

If we can repair the zip we will, but if it’s not possible we can replace the zip with a new one, selected to match the original design of your bag.

Prices can start as low as £14.95.

Hardwear: rings, clasps, hinges, buckles ...

Broken metalwork doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for your handbag.

We can complete repairs to handle rings, clasps, hinges, buckles and chains; sourcing new parts if available or ‘manufacturing’ something to suit.

Prices quoted on an individual basis.

Worn Corners & Piping

It’s inevitable that the corners and edges of your handbag will start to show wear over time, but we can put that right, repairing damaged corners, scuffed leather and exposed piping.

Prices quoted on an individual basis. Available for leather & fabric.

Metal Polish

In time, the once gleaming metal work will become dull and tarnished. Our expert team can clean and buff even the most intricate of pieces back to a high shine.

Stain Removal

Whether it’s due to day to day use, or an accidental spillage, we offer a range of treatments to deal with the different types of stain our clients’ handbags experience:

Removal Make Up / Lipstick / Biro

Depending on the type of leather or fabric, removal of these marks may involve colour touch up work.

Blue Dye Transfer

Usually from denim, is a common problem. Removal often requires solvent application and again may involve additional colour touch up work.

Grease & Oily Stain Removal

Handcream is the worst enemy of bag handles. Due to the engrained nature of the soiling, grease and oil removal requires treatment using solvents and typically the leather will need final colour pigment restoration.

Stain Protection

We always recommend a stain protection finish as a final stage to your chosen treatment.

Be it waterproof or a stain guard to a fabric bag, wax polish or one of our transparent matt or gloss acrylic finishes this treatment enhances the leather and keeps it cleaner and stain repellent.

Faded Leather & Full Colour Restoration

It’s inevitable, no matter how well you look after your bag, the colour will fade.

Whether it’s due to age, wear or UV sunlight damage no amount of cleaning will restore this damage.

The Handbag Hospital can offer full colour restoration. We are able to colour match, as near as possible, to the original or discuss with you a fresh new colour.

Odour Removal

Whether it’s due to a spillage inside or on your handbag, or simply because it’s been shut away in a dark cupboard for too long, you don’t have to give up on your favourite handbag just because it doesn’t smell quite right.

Our expert team can freshen up your favourite handbag, eliminating odours, inside and out, and have it smelling like new once more.

Lining Repairs

Should the lining of your favourite bag get torn or stained, indeed if it is damaged in anyway, we can replace the lining, in a colour of your choice.

Handle Repairs

The handles of your handbag get hit the hardest when it comes to wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have them looking like new once more.

We can repair seams and torn leather, treating stains and scuffs as well as fixing any problems you might have with clasps or fasteners.

All repairs are quoted individually.

Vachetta Leather

This type of leather is untreated and commonly used in the trimmings of luggage and handbags, popularized by designer Louis Vuitton. Since this leather is untreated, it’s therefore susceptible to water and stains. Sunlight will cause the natural leather to darken in shade, called a “patina.” This effect is a beautiful development that makes vachetta leather such a unique and desirable material. Vachetta leather handbags are the most beautiful and the most problematic of all conventional leathers. Denim transfer and a variety of other dry stains can be removed by bringing your bag to Barringtons Handbag Hospital. You’ll find this is your only friend when it comes to cleaning vachetta leather. If you need advice, please don’t hesitate to call us

Treatment Packages

For All Types Of Leather Bags

Anti Aging & Conditioning

Keep your bag looking as good as the day you bough it.

Recommended for bags in good condition, but are lightly soiled and used.

Your bag will receive a thorough exterior & interior clean, followed by a deep moisturising treatment to make sure leather remains supple.


Lift & Shine deep cleanse

Ideal for older bags which are soiled and have specific hard to remove stains.

We lovingly clean the exterior and interior of your bag, treating any stains and small scuffs.

Leather bags will be finished with a moisturising treatment and metal work will be buffed to a beautiful shine.


Barringtons Wellness special

Give your bag the VIP Treatment.

We will clean your bag inside and out, treating any stains and scuffs, as well as carrying out any additional pigment, touch up work and leather refinishing that may be required, before applying a moisturising treatment to any leather and buffing the metal work to a beautiful shine.


why our customers love us

One of the tabs on my Katie Loxton bag had came off. I also had a nice denim stain on the back of the bag with it being lightly coloured. some of the strap was used to make a new tab and I am over the moon! I can use my favourite bag again.

Lianne Muckian-Mann

My daughter has asked me to tell you Howard she was absolutely delighted with the replacement zip and the cleaning of her Skagen bag it is now looking like new again, thank you so much.

Susan Jackson

It wasn't an expensive bag but I loved it so much and was devastated when I thought it was beyond repair! The handle had come apart and Barringtons Handbag Hospital proved me wrong & managed to save it!! Good as new with fantastic and speedy service. Highly recommended.

Beckie Burns

Totally repaired my Yves St Laurent bag, it looks brand new. Delighted with the result!

Clair Stubbs

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