The Handbag Hospital came about during a lightbulb moment when we realised that we could use skills we already had within the business to provide a new range of services and breathe new life into handbags everywhere.

But why limit that to bags?

What about other fashion items, what about articles of leather clothing, what about men?

Of course ‘man bags’ have been around for some time but would you think to have one repaired?

What about briefcases, what about other leather items?  They get scratched, scuffed and torn just like any other item.

We already provide a range of clothing alteration services through Barrington’s Dry Cleaners so why not combine those same skills with those of the Handbag Hospital and provide repair and alteration services for other leather items.

Maybe your suitcase has seen better days? It’s still a favourite but it doesn’t look the part anymore.

What about that favourite leather jacket that doesn’t quite fit? Maybe you’ve put on a few pounds or maybe you’ve been bitten by the fitness bug and you’re in the best shape of your life, so your favourite jacket just doesn’t hang right anymore and it looks like you’re wearing someone else’s jacket.

We can give those items a new lease of life, cleaning them up, repairing scuffs and tears (you’d be surprised what we can repair) and making alterations.

We can alter your clothing without it looking like it’s been altered! In the motor car restoration game they use the term ‘patina’, which refers to restoring and refurbishing a vehicle without it losing its classic charm, without it looking like it’s been rebuilt using cheap replica parts, manufactured using modern processes.

We apply that same goal when repairing and altering our clients’ items. We want them to look like new and not like they have been restored.

And our services aren’t restricted to jackets and suitcases, we altered one client’s favourite belt, adding a few extra inches to the middle of the belt, so it’s unlikely anyone would notice it had been extended.

So to all you guys out there who have an item of leather clothing or a leather accessory that you’d like to breathe new life into, get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

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