Thinking outside the bag

The Handbag Hospital came about during a lightbulb moment when we realised that we could use skills we already had within the business to provide a new range of services and breathe new life into handbags everywhere. But why limit that to bags? What about other...

For the love of bags

If you spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a bag it makes sense to spend a little more to extend its life. But we know it’s often and not what you pay for the bag that makes it precious to you. Often a bag has sentimental value. It was bought on a special...

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Barrington Handbag Hospital
40 Cedar Road, Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 9XX
0191 2741272

Barrington Handbag Hospital Fenwick
First Floor Ladies Wear
Northumberland Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne
0191 2325100 ext. 2245

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