If you spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a bag it makes sense to spend a little more to extend its life.

But we know it’s often and not what you pay for the bag that makes it precious to you. Often a bag has sentimental value. It was bought on a special occasion or it was passed down from your mother or grandmother.  It may not be worth a lot on the open market but it’s priceless to you.

And it was that love of a bag (or bags in our case) that led to the creation of the Handbag Hospital all those years ago.

A service that is not exclusive to the rich and famous, indeed many of our clients just want to give their favourite bag and new lease of life without having to pay an arm and a leg for the privilege.

We pride ourselves in providing a quality service that is affordable to all and that has allowed to bring joy to so many customers, so many stories that make it all worthwhile.

We repaired one ladies bag that she bought in Paris 20 years earlier whilst getting engaged.

We were also able to repair a bag for another customer who had bought for her wedding day, over 50 years ago.

As you can imagine both of the ladies were overjoyed to have their bags back in the same condition as when they bought them.

We don’t want you to have to give up on a favourite bag because of a tear or stain.

We don’t want you to throw it away because there’s a problem with the zip or fastening.

And we certainly don’t want it to be left in the bottom of the wardrobe just because it’s a bit grubby and has seen better days.

We can address all of the above problems and let your favourite bag take pride of place once more.

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